Pay Less Tax!


Let’s face it,

…you need a dynamic and highly motivated tax professional to pay less tax! 

Most small to middle-sized companies do not take advantage of all tax incentives which are offered by the state as well as by the federal government. While they fulfill their tax obligations by filing tax returns and paying taxes, they don’t take advantage on available tax credits simply because they are not aware of it.


  • Do you have Research and Development expenses, also known as R&D?
  • Do you know the tax benefits which come from a Captive Insurance?
  • Are you located in a designated business zone?
  • Do you hire additional employees?
  • Do you provide additional training for your employees?
  • Are you using renewable energy?
  • Do you control pollution through different systems?
  • Are you interested to use solar energy?
  • Are you working energy efficient?

Regardless if you are already using any qualifying event or if you are interested to do so in the near future, we are able to make sure that you will receive all tax credits you deserve!

Tax Incentives are able to generate immediate cash from $100K up to Millions of Dollars!

Of course, we also do accounting, annual statements and all tax returns for you.

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