The final outcome must be success!


You find consultants who name the problems and accountants or tax advisers who are financial administrators.

Our projects points out that we are much more than that! Below you will find exemplary 3 companies which confirms that clients received solid solutions & improvements through our consulting service.


Service Company


  • No real-time accounting system
  • No cost accounting system at all
  • Bonus payment not based on success


  • Improve process-oriented organization and insure financial reports on time.
  • Implementation of cost accounting system to increase the value of financial data.
  • Reorganization of bonus structure. Based on data from controlling, employees received bonus payment in relation to their success.


$500,000 profit increase annually


Manufacturing Business

Initial Situation:

  • Quality management needed to be established and optimized


  • Analyzing of business processes, identifying weak tasks, take actions for improvement


Immediate turnaround of quality management

Increase of profit through process improvement


Health Care Business


  • Investor was interested to buy an active health care business


  • Identifying potential businesses
  • Analyzing the value of different companies
  • Negotiation of sales price and formation of a contract


Initial sales price lowered by $250,000


Our CEO also established international Joint Ventures between USA, Germany and China!

He launched different businesses from a sole proprietorship to several legal entities such as Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation (Inc.), etc…

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