Success guaranteed!


We post some exemplary references to confirm that companies have been highly satisfied!


“Mr. Hoepfner fulfilled the tasks as set forth to our complete satisfaction”

(RKM Zeitarbeit GmbH in Munich, Germany)


“Mr. Hoepfner performed his consulting service to our entire satisfaction”

(Fußbodenservice Weinz GmbH in Berlin, Germany)


“We have been totally satisfied with the consulting service”

(US-Trading-Post in Arizona, USA)


“We confirm that Mr. Frank Hoepfner performed international consulting service on a high level and we are absolutely satisfied” 

(Fine Wood Production & Trade, L.L.C. in Virginia, USA)


“We are extraordinary satisfied with the consulting service”

(Dunker IT Consulting in Munich, Germany)


“Mr. Hoepfner fulfilled the scale of business to our complete satisfaction”

(E.H.K. Art. M. Steel GmbH in Berlin, Germany)


“Thanks to Frank’s good and efficient work, we were able to receive tax incentives in the total amount of more than 100,000 USD”    

(Schletter, Inc. in Arizona, USA)

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